Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green


May 5, 2013


By Hal JamisonJohn_F_Kennedy-AB.jpeg

You heard it here first, folks. People have pinned you in the corner for years poking you in the chest demanding proof of your beliefs about the Kennedy job, as we call it here at SaucerWatch. You’ve been ridiculed by your friends and neighbors because of your beliefs about the Kennedy assassination. They’ve thrown the Bugliosi book in your face, and folks, I can’t wait to hear what the old assistant DA has to say about this one. That’s because, in so many words, SaucerWatch has uncovered the final proof of two things that the government has lied to us about for years; the existence of aliens among us, and the death of President John F. Kennedy.

At Saucerwatch, we’ve long known the truth and have been telling you about it for years. The aliens are among us, the government has a deal with them, and you and I as citizens have no say in the matter. The most important development in world history has been held back from the world for the benefit of a very few, and we all know who they are.

But let me get right to it. SaucerWatch has come into the possession of a document, verified by experts in the field, that will be a bombshell to the world. In short, we now know why the real power in the government, that small group of men that hold all the real power, had Kennedy killed. It is the text of a speech dictated by Kennedy on November 19, the Tuesday before his death. Images of the speech have been attached below, and we stand ready to allow independent verification of the document now in our possession. I’ll let the President speak for himself, folks—and then you tell me why the military industrial complex had him killed.

November 19, 1963

My fellow Americans,

I stand before you today not as a messenger to you alone, but as a messenger to the world. In consultation with my closest advisors, as well as certain other world leaders, we have decided it is time to share with you, the people of America and the world, a truly miraculous and wonderful thing.

Some of you will recall the incident, noted far and wide at the time, of the Roswell incident in 1947. In that year a mysterious craft crashed in the desert of New Mexico, and the powers of that era decided that what was best for the world was to offer an explanation that would buy time. Time to work behind the scenes, to labor in secret to arrive at the best way to reveal the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. It was necessary to deceive not only our allies, but ourselves, and in the scales of history we can only hope that we will have been judged the wiser.

In short, we have discovered, or have been discovered by, an alien civilization. The craft that crashed in the desert in that year was indeed that of a people beyond the earth. Most of its passengers died, but one survived, and through him we have learned much about these aliens. We have had a peaceful relationship with them since the time contact was made. Let me stress, this is no planetary invasion, unless one crashed ship makes an invasion.

I want to repeat, there is no cause for alarm. The aliens who have contacted us, and who we have been in peaceful communication with since that time, have brought us important gifts of technology. They have been instrumental to our efforts in the Cold War. And they recognize the United States of America as the leading power on this globe. Their intentions are peaceful, and they are as curious about us as we are about them.

Ladies and gentlemen of the world, tonight you now know something our ancestors have wondered for thousands of years. Perhaps every child there has ever been has looked up into the stars and wondered if we were alone in all that darkness. And now, I have decided it is my duty to inform all of those children, no matter how old, that their wish -if it was their wish-has come true. We are not alone in the universe. We have met travelers from another planet, and they are few and friendly. For the first time in the history of mankind, we know that there is life beyond this world.

Tonight, let us not panic. Tonight, let us not jump to conclusions or let the guide to our actions be the nightmares of movie producers. Tonight, let us sit quietly and think of the importance of this discovery, and the historic moment we have all now shared.

There will be much more to say in the days to come. We know you will have many questions. And we will be providing all the information we have soon. We will also allow a representative of their race to speak to you personally on television, to look you in the eye and inform you of their peaceful intentions. Tonight we have discovered allies among the stars, older brothers who can guide us peacefully along the complicated road of our future. They come in peace, and they are eager to meet you.

Ladies and gentlemen, God bless us all, and God bless the United States of America.

John F. Kennedy



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