Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green


April 10, 2013

Novescu.jpgSAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (AP) – Claris Novescu, former aide to Full Wilderness leader Robert Jatik, has been universally elected Council Head by its voting body, sources inside the organization said today.

The wealthy 36 year old Romanian-born Novescu, who has been working closely alongside Jatik for many years, spoke today at the environmental organization’s Special Gathering in San Francisco. Many celebrities attended, including Winona Ryder and Morgan Freeman.

“We will only move forward in the name of our fallen leader. Robert Jatik educated us, he shaped us. He showed us a vision of a better, kinder, quieter and wiser world. All of us will mourn him, but all of us carry him with us in our hearts. Here’s to you, Rob.”

The Founder of Full Wilderness and much of the main headquarters staff was located in Samson, California, and all were lost in the recent disaster. The purpose of this new convention was to raise funds to recapitalize the organization and purchase a new headquarters in Napa Valley.

The organization’s magazine, One Wilderness, will be produced at this same headquarters, sources close to the organization say.



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