Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green



October 18, 2012 (WASHINGTON POST)

Congressional hearings began today in the disaster that destroyed the town of Tryon, Nebraska in April. The official explanation, that improperly stored nitrate fertilizer leveled the small town, has been challenged constantly since its announcement shortly after the tragedy.

Vocal families have driven the push for answers, which they see as a justification of their doubt of the official story as well as the nature of the brief investigation that followed.

“They plowed our families under,” one family member said who asked not to be identified. “Our whole town disappeared overnight. Someone knows what happened, and we deserve to know too. I lost a brother and a sister.”

Testimony is expected from federal officials, first responders, and other persons who were involved in the events.

Family members are not the only ones driving the search for answers. Famous UFO Investigation group Saucerwatch has been at least as persistent, airing two television specials about the case and keeping their website constantly updated with any fresh news, developments, or interviews.

Less savory elements of the conspiracy world have attached themselves to the phenomenon as well. Mention of black helicopters, federal agents, and strange weather and natural phenomena have gathered together every faction of the broad conspiracy community, from Alex Jones to Phenomen-X.

Critics of the investigation claim that it is politically motivated, that Republican lawmakers are exploiting the tragedy for electoral purposes, and that the hearings unnecessarily validate kooks while further traumatizing victims.



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