'ALAN' (AKA Nixon Mask)

Delta Green Top Cell Member


In a midnight showing of the Hall of Presidents in Walt Disney World on June 23, 2012, A man wearing a crude Nixon Mask and a presidential suit gave a combination lecture, plea, recruiting speech, and warning. The audience consisted of four FBI agents who were veterans of two operations chiefly concerned with supernatural events.

ALAN’ stated that he is a member of the Top Cell of an organization called Delta Green. He gave a brief history of this organization, starting from its earliest incarnation as veterans of the operation sent to clean out Innsmouth, Massachusetts. ‘ALAN’ traced the history of the group through its many incarnations as codebreaking body, investigative team, World War 2 commando unit, and others. In the end, a desperate, paranoid President looking for a scapegoat to save himself threw DELTA GREEN under the bus. And it didn’t work anyway.

Now, the group keeps a very low profile, not only to help minimize the general knowledge of supernatural forces but to escape the attention of MAJESTIC-12, the highly secret but legal and well-funded organization charged with the same portfolio from the government’s point of view. The Patriot Act, in conjunction with other murky anti-terrorist public safety legislation, has effectively empowered MAJESTIC-12 to carry out any operation it wishes. MAJESTIC-12 can be assumed to have the full technological, bureaucratic, judicial, and surveillance support of the entire United States Government. If it only knew where to look.


'ALAN' (AKA Nixon Mask)

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