Groth, the Harbinger

Malevolent Outer God, Herald of the Great Old Ones


Groth is known to be a planet-sized being existing both inside and outside conventional space. Nominally, it is located within the middle of the constellation Bootes. However, there is a sense that its location may change or adjust suddenly in ways forbidden to physics and known science. It is said to be the harbinger of the return of the Great Old Ones, and its return seems to be geometrically mandatory in some way for the onset of a great Golden Age of murder, spoil, and villainy. In appearance it is an enormous planet of blood-red sand, rust, and gaping, scar-like canyons.

It is not known how many human worshippers Groth has. However, it is one of the Great Old Ones remarkable for their possession of a personality discernible to humans. This is absolutely malevolent and cajoling, offering the promise of great knowledge and riches in return for reverence, worship, and sacrifice.

Groth communicates with humans through dream. Groth has begun to better understand the symbols and language that appeal to all humans in the infantile preconscious, and it has chosen Jiminy Cricket as his ‘face’ in the dreams of the unfortunate afflicted who have attracted his undying and devoted attention.


Groth, the Harbinger

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