Lieutenant Colonel Jerry R. ’J.R.’ Hazel

Ex-USAF Pilot, Aerospace Rescue And Recovery Service, FBI Special Agent/Pilot, Age 44


STR 12 CON 13 SIZ 13 INT 14 POW 14
DEX 14 APP 15 EDU 19 SAN 70 HP 14


Physical Description: Jerry is a tall, kindly Texan, 6’2”, 190 lbs, with short blond hair and green eyes. He has a winning smile, obstinately chivalrous manners, and wears expensive Western clothing whenever possible.

Background: Jerry initially considered becoming an astronaut, but instead decided on a career in the USAF’s Rescue and Recovery Service, recovering satellites, aircraft, and downed pilots. After serving for many years, he decided to serve in another capacity. Lt. Colonel Hazel is a recreational as well as a professional pilot, and has a passion for astronomy and space exploration.

Security Clearances: Department of Defense, Secret
Department of Energy, Secret
Department of Justice, Confidential
Central Intelligence Agency, Confidential
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Secret

Background Investigations: ANACI, MBI, NACLC, PPR, PRS, SPBR

Hobbies: Astronomy, Aviation

Medical Diagnoses: None
Mental Health Diagnoses: None
Current Symptoms: None
Current Medications: None

Lieutenant Colonel Jerry R. ’J.R.’ Hazel

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