Robert Jatik

Environmentalist, Author, CEO, Visionary


Robert Jatik is a famous and controversial figure in the United States. He is the founder of Full Wilderness, the most chic and profitable environmentalist movement. Many celebrities and political figures appear in the iconic and award-winning Full Wilderness commercials; these are famously minimalist, beautifully photographed, and feature single actors regarding the viewer in abandoned, desolate settings with vague, suggestive voiceovers.

The ethos of Full Wilderness is, chiefly, about conservation and preservation of natural environments. Full Wilderness has recently won a large victory on carbon emission reduction due to its powerful lobby in Washington. Other avenues of effort include funding biological research on symbiotic relationships, alternative food harvesting initiatives, undersea farming, and the further expansion of the National Parks Service.

Robert Jatik’s two books, ‘A Task Recieved’, and ‘Hard Lessons’, have both been bestsellers and are still highly popular in their market. Though personally famous and outspoken, Jatik shuns the limelight and prefers to operate through spokesmen and agents.

Robert Jatik is fifty-eight years old. He stands six feet tall, with a stocky build and short white hair. His face is creased with smile lines and dark with a fashionable tan. He affects an L.L. Bean-market quasi-rustic personal style. His smile is magnetic; he resembles an older Steve McQueen.


Robert Jatik

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