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October 18, 2012 (WASHINGTON POST)

Congressional hearings began today in the disaster that destroyed the town of Tryon, Nebraska in April. The official explanation, that improperly stored nitrate fertilizer leveled the small town, has been challenged constantly since its announcement shortly after the tragedy.

Vocal families have driven the push for answers, which they see as a justification of their doubt of the official story as well as the nature of the brief investigation that followed.

“They plowed our families under,” one family member said who asked not to be identified. “Our whole town disappeared overnight. Someone knows what happened, and we deserve to know too. I lost a brother and a sister.”

Testimony is expected from federal officials, first responders, and other persons who were involved in the events.

Family members are not the only ones driving the search for answers. Famous UFO Investigation group Saucerwatch has been at least as persistent, airing two television specials about the case and keeping their website constantly updated with any fresh news, developments, or interviews.

Less savory elements of the conspiracy world have attached themselves to the phenomenon as well. Mention of black helicopters, federal agents, and strange weather and natural phenomena have gathered together every faction of the broad conspiracy community, from Alex Jones to Phenomen-X.

Critics of the investigation claim that it is politically motivated, that Republican lawmakers are exploiting the tragedy for electoral purposes, and that the hearings unnecessarily validate kooks while further traumatizing victims.




Have you ever thought of how things could be different?

Have you ever thought of how things could be better?

Have you ever had a balloon?

At Full Wilderness, our balloon is hope. Hope for a sustainable future with the best in it for everyone, no matter their color, their religion, or their politics. Hope for the development of all of the medicines and cures that are just waiting in our endangered rainforests. Hope for the responsible control of growth and industry.

Join me, Winona Ryder, and Full Wilderness founder Robert Jatik, author of the bestsellers ‘Hard Lessons’ and ‘A Task Received’, in the struggle to bring out the best in mankind. Join thousands around the world who have come together as one to welcome a new age of reason. A new age of hope.

Have you ever had a balloon?




Now Open in Samson’s Chinatown, the Black Dragon Restaurant offers the finest in authentic Tcho-Tcho Cuisine. For either the casual dinner or the formal date, the business meeting or the night out with the guys, you’ll find our elegant surroundings, beautiful greeters, and dutiful servers very much to your taste.

And then there’s the food. From the delicious sauce of the famous Bak Bon Dzshow to the traditional beauty of the Nih Kee Mow, you’ll revel in exotic flavors from Southeast Asia, the traditional home of this tough mountain people. Try it today and we guarantee, your taste buds will never be the same!


October 7, 2012

DAILY SAMSON – Meteorologists and Seismologists from around the world have descended on Samson in the past month to investigate the unique phenomena that have become a worldwide sensation.

Teams of specialists from the Russian Republic, Great Britain, France, China, and many other countries have made Samson their home until they can explain what has been happening in the Starry City.
The extreme heat that has been baking Samson for many weeks is now topping 100 daily. Brownouts have been a constant annoyance as everyone tries to seek relief from their air conditioners at once. Important events, such as the Samson Regatta and Samson Book Fair, have been cancelled due to complications from the weather. Crime has risen eighty percent as pure rage exacerbates existing miseries in Samson’s toughest neighborhoods. There have been 37 murders during this period of extreme heat, which has also cost the lives of 67 elderly Samson residents who have had insufficient protection from the elements.

Garbage collectors began a strike a week ago and flies have become a veritable plague. Constant fires have kept Samson’s services past exhaustion for weeks.

Richard Reed, a meteorologist from Great Britain and leader of the British weather research team, sums up what many of the best minds have to say about the extreme heat: No one knows.

“It’s one of the strangest recorded weather events in history,” Reed said. “Hopefully we can find the explanation. I hope there is some relief soon for this poor city.”

As if the heat were not enough, the earth tremors that have been rocking Samson for approximately the same time have caused their own havoc. Millions of dollars in insurance claims have already been filed for damaged buildings. Fifteen people have died in the tremors, which have caused motor accidents, damage to the roads, and destroyed infrastructure in every part of Samson.

Events that were registering in the region of 3 on the Richter scale are now topping 4. Though only a few have been that large, many smaller tremors have added to the disturbances in the million-plus Samson.

Historic homes in the Seacliff Palisades so famous in many postcards over the years have been damaged, and in one tragic case, demolished by the recent environmental problems. Tempers are short and everyone asks: When will it End?


September 4, 2012 (USA TODAY) SAMSON, CALIFORNIA – Unusually high temperatures combined with strange and frequent earth tremors have put the Starry City on edge.

The heatwave, which does not seem to reach as far north as San Francisco or south to Los Angeles, has been roasting Samson and the surrounding area for a week.

A freak weather pattern reaching from the South Pacific Ocean is said to be the cause. Temperatures have risen a degree or two a day since late August, with yesterday’s temperature at 98.

“There’s something about the heat people don’t like here in Samson,” KSAM Weatherman Doug Bell said. "We like our Samson Regatta this time of year. We like crisp nights where we can look out into the bay and remember what a beautiful city we live in.

If that weren’t bad enough, a recent series of earth tremors have even the local stalwarts a little worried. Tremors have been coming stronger and closer together since the same late August period, with some as high as 4.3 on the Richter scale.

“It isn’t what we’re used to,” University of California-Samson geology professor Ryan Wiktowski said. “Earth tremors, of course, here in Samson they’re a way of life. But not these sharp, discrete shocks with absolute zero activity before and after.”

Asked what might be causing the difference in activity, Wiktowski said, “That’s the billion-dollar question. This is the only story in the field of Geology since last week. They’re so unlike normal seismic activity that we have to come up with a new word for it. They’re not shaking, rumbling quakes. They’re sharp, long taps, two in a row, the second stonger than the first. Like something big down below drumming its fingers.”


JULY 14, 2012 (

The producers of a new BBC series about a Revolution-era American sorceror are under fire from religious groups for allegedly disrespecting the beliefs of Wiccans.

Diana Nolen Darkraven, a spokesperson for the organization ARAAHI (Alternative Religions Allied Against Hostile Interpretation), warns that the show will depict witches as homicidal maniacs and sexual deviants, among other negative stereotypes.

“It’s unacceptable that we should allow our religion to be mocked for entertainment purposes,” Darkraven said in a recent interview. “We wouldn’t allow our Muslim brothers and sisters to be mocked and pilloried for profit. We don’t stand for it either.”

“They need to get over it,” BBC executive producer Riley Brown said. “The Jonathan Salter story is fascinating, terrible, and true. It happened over two hundred years ago. A rich gentleman becomes fascinated with the dead, claims to speak with them, goes completely mad, slaughters children, performs human sacrifice, and still gets a shiver out of modern people.”

The series, The Man of the Snowy Woods, is currently in production, with a cast including Benedict Cumberbatch as Salter at various ages and Robert Redford as Judge Blake.

“He’s one of the most fascinating characters I’ve ever played,” Cumberbatch recently said in an interview with Dutch television. “To this day, many people of New England believe the story is absolutely true.”

“The story is absolutely true,” author Stephen King said when we contacted him in relationship to this story. “It’s part of the charnel history of our great nation.”

Transcript, Mark Kermode reviews 'Bang Bang Thunder', Kermode and Mayo, BBC 5

MAYO: If you’re just tuning in to 5, you’ll now be hearing the continuation of an utterly pointless rant that Mark is having about a movie he hates. Mark.

KERMODE: This is why, Simon, we are going into two valuable segments of radio about this. It’s necessary. It’s a duty to civilization.

MAYO: Of course it is.

KERMODE: You scoff if you like…

MAYO: I do like.

KERMODE: But the badness of this film goes beyond mere incompetent screenplay, poor editing choices, and silly acting.

MAYO: All of which you’ve been telling us about for…oh…nearly half an hour.

KERMODE: This movie is so bad that it’s turned me into a philosopher, and it’s made me reflect on what’s wrong with film. What’s wrong with art.

MAYO: Good for another half an hour, it seems, here on Radio 5.

KERMODE: Look. All that’s being produced now by the major studios are movie by spreadsheet. You program it into a spreadsheet. Element A worked in this film. Element B worked in this film. Stupid Joke C always works. And it’s knitted together into perfect trash. Perfect because it’s calculated to do nothing more than generate revenue.

MAYO: Are there many movie studios operating pro bono then?

KERMODE: For those of you at home, I am gesticulating wildly and obscenely in Simon’s direction.

MAYO: Well, enough of this. What is the point, after all. Let’s make it and move on.

KERMODE: Fair enough. We’re losing our texture. It’s as if there were someone sitting at the top of the food chain, pulling our strings. They know what makes us twitch and the things that will make us consume. Our entertainments become ever more savage, heartless, and stupid. It’s as if these loud, pointless, clueless films are being designed to reduce us to insipid beasts. And we’re too stupid to even find ourselves insulted, let alone threatened. But it’s all so glossy smooth. So shiny.


June 5, 2012 (Phoenix Sun): MASSIVE MANHUNT RESULTS IN MULTIPLE DEATHS, ‘DEVIL’S HIGHWAY’ SUSPECT KILLED ATTACKING FBI AND POLICE IN STANDOFF. Four FBI agents, Two Apache Tribal Police, and a suspect were killed in a standoff in a remote area of the San Carlos Indian Reservation at about 2:45 local time, officials reported this evening.

The manhunt began when a suspect was identified in the murders of Palmer Valor, 73, and Joseph Nachise, 68, both of the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Their badly mutilated corpses were found early yesterday in a locally known ‘sacred cave’ by a law enforcement team including FBI agents and elements of the Apache Tribal Police. This ‘sacred cave’ was apparently the hiding place of the suspect, who was identified by fingerprints at the crime scene.

This suspect was also being investigated for a possible role in the many disappearances in and around the San Carlos Apache reservation that have resulted in the area being referred to as the ’Devil’s Highway’.

A quickly-orchestrated manhunt followed in the hours immediately afterward, involving local Apache volunteers, U.S. Marshals, FBI agents, Arizona State Police and Arizona Highway Patrol. After three hours of searching by more than three hundred volunteers and law enforcement personnel, the suspect was spotted heading in a southerly direction through difficult terrain. The suspect was cornered by law enforcement personnel in a cave near a wash at about 2:15 PM local time. Negotiation took place, but the suspect eventually emerged from the cave firing an automatic weapon, killing four FBI agents and two Apache Tribal police attached to the manhunt.

Four other law enforcement personnel were said to have been admitted to local hospitals, but this has not been confirmed.

The identity of the suspect is being withheld, as he is currently the focus of Homeland Security investigations and is considered a federal fugitive.

FBI Director Robert Mueller issued a brief statement today, saying that once again gun violence has reared its head, and consoling the families of the fallen FBI agents.

The loss of the four FBI agents is the largest in the bureau’s history. The names of the agents have been released, and they are:

Special Agent Frank C. Bibb, 27
Special Agent Steven James, 32
Special Agent Roger Luna, 33
Special Agent Joseph A. Ricks, 28

The Apache Tribal Policemen killed were:

Officer Carl Chee, 25
Officer James Martinez, 30


June 2, 2012 (Phoenix Sun)FBI ASSISTING IN ‘DEVIL’S HIGHWAY’ INVESTIGATION: The FBI has been called in by Arizona State Police to assist in solving the thirteen disappearances on State Road 70, Special Agent in Charge Frank Hobbson of the Phoenix field office verified today. The disappearances have baffled both Arizona State and Apache Tribal Police since they began on May 4 with the vanishing of Allen and Karen Curtley, residents of Phoenix. The disappearances have gathered a high level of attention in local media, resulting in the name ‘Devil’s Highway’ being applied to the area.


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