Special Agent Edward H. Holland

FBI Agent, Age 34, Psychological Crimes Specialist


STR 12 CON 15 SIZ 13 INT 14 POW 15
DEX 13 APP 14 EDU 20 SAN 75 HP 14


Physical Description: Edward is a tall man of wiry build, 6‘2”, 180 lb., with red hair, blue eyes, and long sideburns. He favors sunglasses and has a rabbit’s foot keychain. His skin is pale and he looks very young for his age.

Background: Edward Holland grew up in the Miskatonic Valley, and always knew there was something wrong that escaped most other people. His suspicions were confirmed during his undergraduate archaeological career. There is much he does not remember about that experience twelve years ago, except that two of his close friends died and he lost a week before being found in a Cairo alley near-dead from an injection of badly-cut black tar heroin. After finishing his degree, he went on to study psychology, joining the FBI’s Behavior Sciences Unit ten years ago.

Security Clearances: Department of Justice, Confidential

Background Investigations: ANACI, MBI, NACLC, SPBR

Hobbies: Jazz Piano, Classical Ancient Literature, Catholic Faith

Medical Diagnoses: None
Mental Health Diagnoses: None
Current Symptoms: Periodic Flashbacks
Current Medications: None

Special Agent Edward H. Holland

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