Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green


April 12, 2013

reverb.jpgCHICAGO (AP) A new street drug is leading to many homicides among the immigrant population of the city and is spreading to the suburbs, a police spokesman said today.

“It’s a lucrative market, but it’s being fueled by suburban teenagers, not city youth. City youth are only moving it,” spokesman Ernest Carr said today.

The drug, called ‘Reverb’ on the street, began its spread through Chicago in the New Chinatown neighborhood among Chauchau immigrants in the past two years. Since then it has become an epidemic, leading to brain-damaged victims and bitter fights among the various immigrant groups for control of the market.

These confrontations, characterized by hails of bullets and indiscriminate mayhem, are currently said to be being won by the deadly Asian gang called the White Shadows. It has seized control of areas traditionally held by other ethnic gangs and relentlessly destroyed its enemies, their homes and families.

“What you have here,” said Carr, “is total war. And right now, because of this drug, some of our streets in our most vulnerable neighborhoods are becoming war zones.”



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